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Anando Chatterji

Anando Chatterji, individual and group psychotherapist, co-founder and CEO, Hank Nunn Institute (HNI), Bengaluru, India. His background is in philosophy where his interest in the complexities of human existence began. He worked at Athma Shakti Vidyalaya, a residential community for people with severe psychological distress, as a staff member for 14 years and was the community lead for the Community of Communities, UK, peer review for 5 cycles. In 2014 he co-founded HNI along with Shama Parkhe, which aims to create affordable and accessible psycho-social services as and alternative to the bio-medical psychiatric system for people with personality and relational difficulties. His interest lies developing therapeutic practice which is co-created with service user involvement at all levels. He believes there is no therapy without change and no change without social change. He is a member of the staff team of the Living Learning Experience workshops, UK and India and a supervisor for the Therapeutic Environments Practitioners Training, UK. 

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Raffaele Barone

Raffaele Barone is the Head Director of the Publich Mental Health
Department in Caltagirone, Italy. He is a psychiatrist, psycotherapist and group–analyst. He holds the position of Vicepresident of the COIRAG psychological school. Raffaele is honorary president of AIRSAM and former Secretary of Italian Group Analysis Laboratory.
He is supervisor of Democratic Therapeutical Communities and
Public Mental Health. He was Counselor for the Ministry of Health
and for the Sicily’s Regional Government. He helds the position of President of the Industrial and Social Development Agency for 10 years. 
Raffaele is also the author and editor of a number of mental health
publications. He co-authored recently published books “Group Analysis and Therapeutical Communities”, “ Social Inclusion and Work in Mental Halth”, “Community Psychoteraphy”. He helped to define the laws and started work inclusion projects. He has supported the development of experienced users. He started the first apartment groups, social cooperatives and social farms in Sicily. He was one of the protagonists of the closure of civil and judicial
psychiatric hospitals.


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Shama Parkhe
Shama Parkhe has a background in clinical psychology. She co-founded Hank Nunn Institute, a not-for-profit registered charitable trust, in July 2014, and presently works in the capacity of a Clinical Director. She works with individuals experiencing personality difficulties in an individual and group setting (using psychodrama and group analytic framework). In addition, Shama also offers training & clinical supervision to psychology post-graduates and young professionals. Shama has a keen interest in developing alternatives to conventional mental health practices. She believes that one’s cultural and social systems are highly influential in one’s development of mental health. It is therefore necessary to address the larger community and not just the individual in isolation. Shama also believes in collaborating with the service user community in designing supportive spaces which enable their journey of self discovery.

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Simone Bruschetta

Psychologist, PhD Researcher freelance, Psychotherapist Group Analyst, TC Specialist, HR Specialist. He was born in Milan on 06/02/1973, lives and works in Sicily where he was employed in many therapeutic communities (including the “Calimero Group” a TC for children and adolescents) and social agencies for the development of local communities. Since his first professional experiences, he has dedicated himself to clinical-social practice and to empirical research on serious mental illness and on connected serious political-social problems, such as poverty, marginalization, and precariousness.

He founded and currently directs the “Visiting DTC Project”, an Italian Scientific Professional Quality Accreditation Program that is aimed at those methodological aspects of the quality of Residential and Housing Services of Mental Health identified as a “Group-Community Quality”, and has the scientific professional patterns reference on the Democratic Therapeutic Community and on the Community Mental Health. email:simonebruschetta@yahoo.it 

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