Welcome to the International Network of Living Learning Experiences. INLLE is an association which represents Living Learning Experience courses worldwide.

Living learning experiences (LLEs) are based on Therapeutic Community (TC) principles, and are a particular implementation of TC principles to form a temporary TC. This can last for a few hours to a few days, and can be used to train staff in how to establish and maintain healthy working environments, including those in ‘Enabling Environments‘, Therapeutic Communities, and other group dynamics settings. LLEs can also be used in leadership training or personal growth programmes.

Membership of the Network is not limited to therapeutic community practitioners. We welcome participation from all who run or are involved in LLEs.

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About page

The International Network of Living Learning Environments (INLLE) is run by Living and Learning, which is part of Growing Better Lives CIC, a not-for-profit social enterprise. UK company registration number 06417712

Objectives of the Network

  • To promote Living Learning Experiences;
  • To exchange ideas, develop theory and cooperate on new projects;
  • To enhance awareness of therapeutic community approaches to training;
  • To support suppliers of training for Enabling Environments, Psychologically Informed Environments, and Therapeutic Communities;
  • To provide a forum for providers of LLEs to exchange ideas and develop expertise;
  • To provide quality assurance for LLE programmes.

In order to achieve these goals the INDTC will:

  • Activate a website and facilitate a discussion forum;
  • Share academic papers and other communications;
  • Organise workshops and training;
  • Promote an organisational structure, including International Advisory Panel, to support continental, regional and national networks and initiatives of INLLE members;
  • Make available to the general public knowledge of and information concerning LLEs

Membership is open to all individuals, groups, organisations, academic institutions, learned societies, associations, societies or corporations which run or promote Living Learning Experiences, or are interested in LLEs or therapeutic community practice as applied to training.

Quality page

INLLE runs a quality assurance and accreditation programme to help LLE providers ensure they are adhering to the highest international standards of training provision. The programme is based on the Community of Communities peer review model, a model of quality assurance pioneered in the UK by the Royal College of Psychiatrists College Centre for Quality Improvement.

Our work supports members to meet the highest standards of LLE practice through a process of self- and peer-review.