International Network of Living and Learning Experiences is an association which represents Living Learning Experience courses worldwide.  These LLE courses have been running for twenty years and are suitable for anybody who is interested in understanding what a ‘Therapeutic Community’ is, how it works, and what it feels like to be in one. You don’t need to have ever worked in a TC to come along and benefit from the course.


What are LLEs?

Living learning experiences are based on Therapeutic Community principles, and are a particular implementation of TC principles to form a temporary TC. This can last for a few hours to a few days, and can be used to train staff in how to establish and maintain healthy working environments, including those in Enabling EnvironmentsTherapeutic Communities, and other group dynamics settings.

LLEs can also be used in leadership training or personal growth programmes.



Structure of LLEs

Most of the learning is by being there and experiencing it for yourself, but since 2013 our Living Learning Experiences have included a didactic teaching component. This consists of six modules which together provide a grounding in TC history and practice. Each LLE includes three teaching modules in addition to the experiential LLE. Three of the teaching modules are called TCA, and the other three are called TCB. TCA and TCB are complementary, and together complete the didactic component of the workshops.

The International Network of Living Learning Environments (INLLE) is run by Living and Learning – a part of Growing Better Lives CIC, a not-for-profit social enterprise.
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